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Linn Technologies

Designed without compromise, and engineered entirely in-house, Organik is the culmination of over thirty years of digital technology expertise.

Our first-ever, entirely homegrown digital-to-analogue converter sits at the heart of a new generation of Linn products.

We pioneered high-performance digital streaming in the hi-fi industry; we’re now raising the bar further, thanks to this paradigm shift in DAC technology.

Selekt DSM

For the highest level of sublime sonic quality achievable from Selekt DSM, we have an exceptional, relentlessly optimised Organik DAC available – in either a dual-mono or stereo configuration.

Klimax DS/DSM

“The new Organik DAC lifts a veil from the recording, bringing a more vibrant, intricate and natural sound that you can almost reach out and touch.”

– David Price, International Editor-in-Chief, StereoNET

Klimax 350 Loudspeakers

“It delivers a really precise presentation of the musical content, akin to actually being in the recording studio. Honestly, it’s just stunning.”

– Ian A., Klimax 350 Owner

Klimax Exaktbox

“It took all of two seconds to realise that this really is a monumental improvement – with more punch and involvement!”

– Glyn T., Klimax Exaktbox Owner

Experience the natural sound of every instrument.

When you listen to a Linn system, it’s striking just how natural it sounds. It’s as if you’re listening to the real musicians, right there in front of you. The most natural sound available can only be achieved with perfect timing.

Linn systems feature Exakt technology, which ensures the perfect time alignment of every part of every note, so now you can enjoy the same natural sound that was recorded by the artist.

Hear your music, not your room.

Great sound shouldn’t cramp your style. Design your home the way you want to and experience the true sound of the music.