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Linn Technologies

Experience the natural sound of every instrument.

When you listen to a Linn system, it’s striking just how natural it sounds. It’s as if you’re listening to the real musicians, right there in front of you. The most natural sound available can only be achieved with perfect timing.

Linn systems feature Exakt technology, which ensures the perfect time alignment of every part of every note, so now you can enjoy the same natural sound that was recorded by the artist.

Gain a deeper insight into your music.

The new Katalyst DAC Architecture performs digital-to-analogue conversion with greater precision than ever.

Katalyst’s high-stability input Reference Level eliminates variations during analogue signal creation, giving you a deeper insight into your music.

Without Katalyst

Errors in any of the critical inputs result in the creation of a flawed analogue signal, with audible distortion.

Without Katalyst Illustration circle crop

With Katalyst

Katalyst eliminates errors in the critical inputs, creating the analogue signal with greater precision and less distortion.

With Katalyst Illustration cropped

Hear your music, not your room.

Great sound shouldn’t cramp your style. Design your home the way you want to and experience the true sound of the music.